Women’s Health

There are some disease states that only occur in women. This is why a new field in medicine developed recently known as “Women’s Health.” Many women believe this simply means gynecological health. It is much more. Women change differently with time than do men. Women also speak, respond, and express symptoms differently than men do. This is why it is important for women to have a doctor that understands the difference. In the past, women were never studied in research and it was assumed that their bodies would simply respond the same way a man’s body does. Thankfully, those days are behind us. Women have special-care needs that require specific attention. The most obvious is gynecological care in the form of PAP smears, prenatal care, and surgical services of the pelvic organs. Gynecologists are very good at what they provide, but many don’t have the time to be primary care providers, or simply don’t want to handle more complex problems that can arise. They usually recommend that you see another physician. Here is where we shine. At Medical Arts, we coordinate all care necessary for the woman as well as monitoring hormones and helping one transition through the normal phases of life. We take the time to listen. We know that you know your body and can tell when something isn’t right. Call us and see if we are a good fit.