Sports Nutrition

There are so many supplements on the market claiming to improve performance, burn calories, release or stimulate certain hormones to make you bigger, stronger, or faster. It is very difficult to separate the ones that work from those that don’t. Some supplements can be dangerous depending on your medical or family history. Some work exceptionally well and have real research behind them, while others are worthless. The information available on many products is sometimes incomplete, or can keep dangerous ingredients hidden in impossible-to-pronounce names. How do you know what you’re taking and how much and how often should one take it? These questions are very important. One doesn’t always need a doctor to help answer these questions, but it is good to know that there is someone available who can help. At Medical Arts, our philosophy revolves around diet and exercise. We believe the prevention of illness and the slowing down of the aging process is the key to longevity and a good, healthy, vibrant life. Many doctors still believe that vitamins don’t help and that they are a waste of money. Those doctors probably don’t exercise either. Not the kind of person who should be giving advice about a healthy lifestyle. The market for these products is rapidly changing and it is nearly impossible to keep up with all the new products hitting the stores daily. We not only believe that vitamins and supplements help, Dr. Palencia swears by them and credits his improved athletic performance to them. In designing an individual plan for your athletic goals, we can help sort through the jungle of sports nutrition products and assemble a winning combination for you.