Men’s Health

Men are an interesting challenge in medicine. It is well known that men don’t go to doctors until late in the game. It is either bleeding or the pain is just not improving after six months. How can we change that? It’s easy. Trust. Men want to feel as if their doctor “gets it.” Men like to bond and form a team. When that confidence is shared, men will not delay too long to see the doctor. They are after all, men. They will still delay some. But more importantly, they will be freer to seek medical attention in areas where men have traditionally suffered in silence. It is part of our culture to believe that seeking help is a sign of weakness. If you believe that you will not be judged, then asking for help is easier. Men’s Health is more than prostate care. One might argue that for years all of Medicine was Men’s Health. Today some think it only relates to prostate issues. It is much more. Testosterone levels begin to decline with age. The new term being used is “andropause”, similar to women’s menopause. Declining testosterone levels lead to increased abdominal fat, loss of muscle, lack of sex drive, loss of stamina and strength, and reduces the ability to handle stress. This is critical because other disease states can present in a similar fashion. At Medical Arts, we are aware of these differences and try to distinguish normal aging from disease states. We always try to lead our patients to healthier and more sustainable ways of slowing the aging process while protecting you from disease. Let’s build a better you through teamwork.