Geriatric Care

The human body changes with age. Medications that are given to the elderly can sometimes act longer or not act long enough. The liver and kidneys slow down with age. Many medicines are transformed or removed by these organs. Doctors have to pay particular attention to medications given to the elderly because of potential side effects or drug-to-drug interactions. You should always bring all of your medications to all visits. The human body also slows down and becomes less flexible with age. Many elderly complain of arthritis pain. Many don’t exercise because they have pain in their joints. They are commonly given medicine for the temporary relief of pain. They go home and wait to get better, but find that they don’t. At Medical Arts of New York, we understand the challenges of aging and the complexities of balancing medications for the elderly. We work with specialists to maintain open lines of communication for optimal patient care. But we never forget that the elderly need to stay active and integrated into the community. A recent study confirmed that diet and exercise is the best therapy for arthritic joints. We have been saying this for years! We encourage and motivate patients to get moving for great health and longevity.