About Us

At Medical Arts of New York, we put patient comfort and safety first. Our staff is always courteous and interested in getting you the appropriate help you need. Our philosophy is simple, treat every patient as if they were your family. There is a belief that doctors shouldn’t get too personally involved with their patients, but we don’t agree. The doctor-patient relationship is constantly under attack by many outside forces. We believe that building partnerships and stressing cooperation are the effective means for the delivery of patient-centered healthcare. We try to keep to a strict appointment schedule so our wait times are the best in the City, but sometimes patients need extra time and they get it. No one is ever rushed out. We only hope that everyone else appreciates this and extends courtesy to their fellow patients.


Dr David PalenciaDr. Palencia graduated from the Albert Einstein School of Medicine and completed his medical training at St. Vincent’s Catholic Medical Center in New York City. Dr. Palencia is a real New Yorker, having been born, raised, and educated in New York City. He is keenly aware of the special health needs New Yorkers have with their busy and stressful lives. Dr. Palencia is committed to offering the best medical care available with the latest treatments tempered with healthy skepticism and patient safety first. He is also a firm believer in exercise and nutrition as the mainstay to good health and longevity. Dr. Palencia always attempts to incorporate the best of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine with conventional medicine. “The best way to lead is by example.” Patients often see Dr. Palencia riding his bicycle to the office. He is a recreational athlete competing in triathlons across the United States. He is also a vegetarian, supporter of vitamin therapy, and natural remedies when appropriate.